The Qualis Approach

Our tailored approach to positive social change projects amalgamates quality assurance and proficiency, to deliver accurate, timely and informative results powered by data science and machine learning/AI.

Qualisus Consulting Qualisis


We follow globally recognised frameworks to deliver objective, rigorous, methodological, and compliant information.

Qualisus Consulting frameworks 1
  • Core Humanitarian Standards (CHS)
  • ICRC Code of Conduct
  • Humanitarian Standards
  • UN Convention on the rights of the child
  • Protection Principles
  • International human rights framework
  • 2030 Agenda for sustainable development
  • SDGs
  • Sphere Standards
  • INEE
  • CPMS
Qualisus Consulting frameworks 2
  • IASC MHPSS & MHPSS Framework
  • IASC guideline integrating GBV intervention in humanitarian action
  • Gender based violence – a result-based evaluation framework – InterAction
  • Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI)
  • Positive Youth development framework
  • CASH transfer programming strategic framework 2020-2025
  • OECD – DAC

Qualisus’ commitment to enhancing positive social change is translated through diligent custom-made support provided to the non-profit ecosystem: local and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs), bi-lateral and multi-lateral organizations, universities and think tanks, and the private sector.

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Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)

We support non-governmental organisations in meeting their funding targets, time, compliance, and lack of resources.

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Bi-lateral & Multi-lateral Organizations

We deliver in-depth insights on field-realities, monitoring and evaluation of ongoing or completed projects, and research.

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Universities and think tanks

With whom we aim to conduct joint work and collaborate to produce leading-edge research and innovation.

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Private Sector

We assist for-profit corporations and companies in expanding their Corporate Social Responsibility or facilitating their involvement in humanitarian/development programming with donors and implementers.

Sustainable Development Goals

As for work with development actors, we focus on contributing to the achievement of the following sustainable development goals (SDG):

Qualisus Consulting development goals

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