Creating a lasting impact for societies

We are a social development consulting firm serving private companies, public institutions, and non-profits. We work closely with our partners to increase the impact and efficiency of their social interventions by providing a range of innovative solutions designed for sustainable results.

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Transforming interventions for positive social change.

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Advance the non-profit ecosystem.


We believe that by following these principles our teams are empowered to learn, grow, and better meet the needs of our partners. We foster steadfast partnerships with our stakeholders through an unwavering culture of accountability and a diligent documentation process.

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Collaborating with a collective vision for the betterment of societies.

We pride ourselves on having an agile, dynamic, and diverse team operating in a fast-paced environment. We are adventurous in exploring new and innovative ideas that contribute to positive social change.

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Team first

Our team is our utmost important asset and resource.

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We always prioritise quality and accountability in our efforts to enhance positive practices and responsiveness.

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Continuous learning

Our goal is to stay adaptive, improve, and learn through ongoing feedback and process review.

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Driven by our passion for learning, we explore innovative ways to enhance our work using machine learning and AI.

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Diversity and Inclusion

We appreciate the diversity of our team, experiences, and methods, which contributes to our well-informed and uniquely localised approach.

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We depend on qualified experts who offer academic, evidence-based knowledge and expertise following international standards and best practices.


We have worked on projects in over 13 countries across different regions of the world.

We operate in the MENA region, particularly in developing countries affected by protracted crises. We rely on a large network across the MENA region, operating in various development and humanitarian aid sectors.

We work on a global scale across different regions including, the Middle East, Africa, Western Asia, and Eastern Europe where we collaborate with in-country partners to deliver a localised approach in alignment with international standards.

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