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We are a social development consulting firm serving private companies, public institutions, and non-profits. We specialise in expanding the impact and efficiency of social interventions with strategic planning, data-driven analysis, and innovative solutions tailored for sustainable outcomes.

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Thematic Expertise

Qualisus presents tremendous capacity in humanitarian aid, early recovery, and development.

The Qualisus team are professional, thoughtful and very solutions orientated. My very positive experience of working with Qualisus is defined by their ability to adapt and be flexible according to challenging circumstances and restrictive timeframes whilst still ensuring a high level of quality and ethics in the data collection, analysis and report writing.
British Council
I was very satisfied with the rigorous research and with the team's dedication to trace all the root causes of the programmatic issues and problems. The team had a deep understanding of our programmes and made in-depth and relevant observations.
SOS Children's Villages International
The agility and adaptability of the team and the methodology adopted made it possible (despite lockdowns, poor internet connection, youth digital fatigue and desperation and extremely tight deadlines), to receive a comprehensive report with strong findings.
British Council
Thanks Jessica, I found working with you and your team a great experience, although it was short and more focussed on getting your on board for this assignment.
Rutgers (NL)
Qualisus completed the work to a higher level of competence and managed to implement the work to a high level of accuracy.
Terre des Hommes Italy
Qualisus's team showed great commitment during the assignment as well as good knowledge and skills. The agility of the team helped us move quickly toward outcomes. Besides the implementation skills of the team, they can help you with strategic thinking and choices. And also, important to mention that joy and fun were always part of my journey with the team!
RNW Media
Qualisus team were perfect in all aspects, they delivered the needed service beyond expectations where they provided high quality training and had a great follow up approach.
Mercy Corps
It was the first time in my life of proposal coordination that it was such complex, and the first time that the narrative was ready 2 weeks before submission - all because of the well cooridnated and extremly accurate efforts of Qualisus.
WV Germany
We had a very positive experience working with Qualisus team on an evaluation. The coordination process was smooth and effective; the team brings in the right expertise and perspectives resulting in quality delievrables and actionable recommendations.
Plan International
Overall, it was a very good experience. Smooth coordination and fruitful collaboration. The team showed flexibility in receiving feedback and comments on the reports and addressing them all.
Plan International
In Khiam area, Qualisus team had a security incident with non-state actors. The team leader has been asked to stop data collection and leave and keep the team in the field. However, the team leader stayed with the team, dealt well with the situation and kept not only his manager updated but also us as a partner.
REACH Initiative
Professional, quick and easy-to-understand service by a really lovely team - highly recommended!
World Vision
It has been a pleasure working with the Qualisus team during the Mid-Term Review of our current program. The team's professionalism, effective communication, and proactive approach significantly contributed to the success of our venture.
Kvinna Till Kvinna
Qualisus did a great job in meeting the multiple demands of a very dynamic process to provide the necessary expert inputs and deliver quality documents in tight time frames while collaborating with a variety of team members and functions. Qualisus is effective and efficient in providing support face-to-face as well as remotely.
The analysis workshop conducted after the submission of the draft evaluation report was an important opportunity to witness first-hand the capacities, knowledge, dedication and professionalism of the evaluation team! Fruitful discussions always lead to better results, and this was confirmed by the final report shared with us. Thank you very much for all your efforts.
British Red Cross
What is special about Qualisus team, is their high-quality work and constant follow-up with partners. Add to that the participatory approach used throughout the inception report.
Relief International
The Qualisus team has provided us with a high-quality evaluation and has made sure to explain to us potential biases in the collected data, i.e. a general tendency of any source to focus on positive aspects. This was a good learning experience for us.